[Highlights] Black Girls Must Die Exhausted

On moments of joy and clarity

“Suddenly, I could breathe again, and at least the pilot light was back on in my spirit.”

Black Girls Must Die Exhausted (Kindle Location 1442)

On being comfortable in struggle

“When there’s no friction, no reminder of what you can’t do, it feels like a hole that needs to be filled with something—so desperately. Filled so that there is a something.”

Black Girls Must Die Exhausted (Kindle Location 2779)

On the intersectionality of being a Black Woman.

“It does feel exhausting. Because everything bad in society is about you, but when it comes to the good, nothing is for you.”

Black Girls Must Die Exhausted (Kindle Location 2789)

On the hard work of being Black

“I feel like I’m not enough and too much, all at the same time. And then, other times, being black feels exhilarating—because every good thing that happens feels like a victory, even the small things. Because you’re constantly reminded that you’re an other, so you know whatever good happened in spite…”

Black Girls Must Die Exhausted (Kindle Location 2790)

On hoping for the pot of gold at the end of the suck

“So there’s celebration, there’s some joy.” I paused, just to think. It felt so complicated. I pushed myself to find more, in the deeper parts, hidden in the folds of my spirit—the secrets. “And emptiness is there too—a different kind from what you described, though. A need for…validation, maybe to be seen, approved of, to matter as an individual, not just a monolith. And a desire to know that if I do follow all the rules, that I get the promise on the other side, just like anyone else. And by anyone else, I mean anyone else who is white.”

Black Girls Must Die Exhausted (Kindle Location 2793)

On finding happiness in ourselves

“I’m not happier in my relationship with Diane because I’m with someone other than your mom. I’m happier because I’m someone other than who I was when I was with your mom. Do you understand that?” “Yeah,” I said, my voice almost a whisper. “I get it.”

Black Girls Must Die Exhausted (Kindle Location 2988)
  • Author: Jayne Allen
  • Full Title: Black Girls Must Die Exhausted
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