Author: Kristina Brooke

  • [Highlights] The Plague

    [Highlights] The Plague

    The Plague by Albert Camus (translated by Laura Marris) On traveling One useful way to get to know a city is to find out how people work there, how they love there, and how they die there. — location: 66 ^ref-64407 On motivation and desire The desires of the youngest are violent and short, while…

  • [Highlights] Behavior Strategy: How to Teach When-Then

    [Highlights] Behavior Strategy: How to Teach When-Then

    On why When-Then works with students: When-then sentences break down expectations into manageable and achievable chunks for these students. They also remove any ambiguity for students who are unclear about what’s expected of them – Amanda Morin

  • [Highlights] Living, Loving & Learning

    [Highlights] Living, Loving & Learning

    I can love everybody in this room if I had the opportunity to know you with equal intensity, and I still would have the same amount of love and the same potential to love that I have right at this moment. I will have lost nothing. But I first must have it. If my love…

  • [Highlights] Black Girls Must Die Exhausted

    [Highlights] Black Girls Must Die Exhausted

    On moments of joy and clarity “Suddenly, I could breathe again, and at least the pilot light was back on in my spirit.” Black Girls Must Die Exhausted (Kindle Location 1442) On being comfortable in struggle “When there’s no friction, no reminder of what you can’t do, it feels like a hole that needs to…

  • [Highlights] Beyond Series Bundle

    [Highlights] Beyond Series Bundle

    On the stupidity of racism “Because he’s black?” Bren shook his head with a snort. “No, Dallas doesn’t give a shit. Hard to believe there are people around who still do.” “Dumb people.” Six couldn’t help her wry laugh. “They still care if you have tits, too. Dumb people care about lots of silly things.”…

  • [Highlights] Bad for You

    [Highlights] Bad for You

    On contextual honesty “When someone asks you something, be honest in the context of that situation. Do not go forth, screaming every truth within your life.” Bad for You (Kindle Location 1588) Author: Kenya Wright Full Title: Bad for You Buy: Amazon

  • [Highlights] Black Butterfly, Book 3 of the Black Burlesque Series

    [Highlights] Black Butterfly, Book 3 of the Black Burlesque Series

    On movement to facilitate healing “She had come in healing.” Black Butterfly, Book 3 of the Black Burlesque Series (Kindle Location 14) Author: [[Tiffany Patterson]] Full Title: Black Butterfly, Book 3 of the Black Burlesque Series Buy: Amazon

  • [Highlights] Black White and Jewish

    [Highlights] Black White and Jewish

    On the pain of trauma “Shame sticks to me like sweat.” Black White and Jewish (Kindle Location 704) “I start to remember in shards, pieces of glass that rip my skin and leave marks.” Black White and Jewish (Kindle Location 705) “These are memories like a broken bottle, memories I can’t speak because the glass…

  • [Highlights] Archangel’s Shadows

    [Highlights] Archangel’s Shadows

    On love and truth “A silly question, cher. You know love cannot survive where there is no light.” Archangel’s Shadows (Kindle Location 2417) Author: Nalini Singh Full Title: Archangel’s Shadows Buy: Amazon

  • [Highlights] A Prince on Paper

    [Highlights] A Prince on Paper

    On examples of self-regulation even when upset “Forshett—” Johan slammed his mouth shut against the harshness of his tone, not allowing the fear still flowing through him to make him say something rash. He swallowed, though his mouth had gone dry. “You made me think he was hurt. Or worse.”

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