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Civil Rights Then & Now (2nd Edition)

#1 New Release in Children’s Modern History and African History Books

Civil Rights Then and Now: A Timeline of the Fight for Equality in America doubles as a Civil Rights Movement guide and Black history book for kids. It’s a tool for resourceful parents and educators who aim to engage youth on topics of racism, discrimination, social justice, and prejudice from a historical perspective to the modern present day.

A resource for engaging youth with civil rights movement facts. From the start of Slavery to the modern struggle against systemic oppression, this book sparks kid-friendly conversations about subjects that are often ignored. It’s the perfect addition to every teacher’s, parent’s, or child’s library of children’s books and a kid-friendly tool for teaching civil rights movement facts.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Vocabulary lists suitable for developing minds
  • Questions to promote healthy discussion
  • Essay and journal prompts with processing concepts and topics

i wandered, lost presented by virtual theater lab in Arizona

The amazing women of the Virtual Theater Lab of Arizona performed a dramatic reading of old and new poems in my collection “i wandered lost.” The performance begins with “Woke” as read by Selena Fleming. It’s a moving reflection of my experience as a Black woman, persona, human in America. Her performance sets the stage for the rest of the show in which each performer brings their own emotional interpretation of my words to life and provides a glimpse into their own hearts. Some trigger warnings are necessary: violence, sexual assault, pregnancy loss, racism, sexism, suicide, truth, history, and abusive relationships.

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